About Us

    Chongqing Chevalier Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise specialized in process technology engineering and technical services in the fields of new materials, new energy, pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates, petrochemical, inorganic chemical, coal chemical and fine chemicals. Based on its own R&D capability and focusing on the market and technology efficiently, it provides customers with services such as feasibility study, process research, engineering simulation, development and transfer of process design package, design and supply of key equipment, engineering design, EPC, R&D and supply of chemical products and intermediates.

    With reliable technology as its core competitiveness, the company has become one of the excellent technology contractors of chemical overall solutions in China. Based in China, the company focuses on newly-developing economies such as India, Central Asia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and can provide technology transfer and overall solutions for domestic and foreign enterprises. It is willing to work with well-known enterprises in newly-developing economies to achieve win-win results and rapid development, and strengthen the technical research cooperation with domestic and foreign well-known engineering companies, scientific research institutions, and chemical enterprises, to enhance the core competitiveness of the industry. We are committed to becoming a new technology company with outstanding overall solutions in China and even internationally.

Service content

Service content

  • Project development planning+feasibility demonstration

  • Lab trial and pilot trial services

  • Development and transfer of process design package

  • Technology integration

  • Design and supply of key equipment

  • Engineering design or EPC

  • Commissioning

  • Chemicals customization and supply