Microchannel Reactor

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1.  General Introduction

The microchannel reactor is a kind of microchannel reactor with a specific size of 10-500 microns manufactured by means of precision machining technology. The common feature of these microchannel reactors is that chemical reactions take place in a small space, and the average size of the channel is 1-3.5 mm; The microchannel reactor contains thousands of microchannels, which can achieve high output.


The microchannel reactor is a three-dimensional structural element that can be used for chemical reaction, which is made of titanium alloy, titanium alloy and magnetic alloy with the help of special micro-machining technology and solid matrix. Increase the probability of surface contact to make the reaction material fully react.


2.  Advantages

①Faster mass and heat transfer.

②Better space-time yield.

③More safe and environmentally friendly.

④More economical and energy-saving.

Suitable for chemical reaction:

Sulfonation, Grignard, hydrogenation, nitrification, oxidation, esterification, diazotization and other reactions.