Fixed bed Reactor

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1.  General Introduction

Fixed bed reactor is a reactor filled with solid catalyst or solid reactant to realize multiphase reaction process. Solids are usually granular, with a particle size of 2~15mm, and are accumulated into a bed of a certain height (or thickness). The bed is stationary, and the fluid reacts through the bed.82773db146f80b8eb0a533e959f88858.jpg

2.  Advantages

It can realize continuous input and output of solid materials.

②It is convenient for continuous regeneration and circulation operation of catalyst, 

and is suitable for safe, reliable and stable process with high deactivation rate of catalyst

 hydrogenation reaction.

③The movement of fluid and particles makes the bed have good heat transfer

 performance, the internal temperature of the bed is uniform and easy to control,

 especially suitable for strong exothermic reaction.