Feed Grade DL-Methionine and Industrial Chain Technology

1.  Product Information

Also called: DL-Methionine,CAS No: 59-51-8, Molecular structure:16828fead49d64581fd1f3c419946b5d.png, Molecular formula: C5H11O2NS, Molecular weight: 149.21,Appearance:White or light grey powder or flake crystal.

2.   Application and Market

Main application:

Methionine is one of the most important amino acids necessary for livestock and poultry to synthesize animal protein. It is used as a nutrient for strengthening feed and a feed additive to make up the balance of amino acids. Methionine is also the only essential amino acid containing sulfur. In the feed industry, methionine is in great demand, especially among the varieties of amino acid nutritional feed additives, methionine accounts for 60%, lysine accounts for 30%, and other amino acids account for about 10%. In the pharmaceutical industry, methionine is one of the main components of amino acid infusion and compound amino acids. Methionine has anti fatty liver effect and can be used to produce liver protective agents. Methionine is also one of the essential amino acids for human body, which can be used as a nutritional supplement for the processing of food and health products.7Market size:The global methionine production capacity is about 1.9 million tons in 2018, about 2.05 million tons in 2019 and about 2.6 million tons in 2021. In 2017, China's annual feed output was 258.33 million tons, and in 2020, China's methionine production capacity was about 620000 tons.

3.  Synthetic Process

Methionine synthesis process mainly includes the preparation of hydrogen sulfide (carbon disulfide), acrolein, methyl mercaptan, methylthio propionaldehyde, HCN and cyanohydrin, hydantoin, hydantoin hydrolysis, neutralization of sodium methionine, crystallization and separation of methionine and sodium sulfate, and supporting utilities.

4.  Process Design Package 

The proposed capacity is 50000-100000t/a, According to the market, investment and user demand, we can provide the complete process design package for methionine and intermediates plant.