Synthetic Technology of Bactericide Azoxystrobin and its Key Intermediates

1.  Product Information

Also called: Methyl (E)-2-((6-(2-cyanophenoxy)-4-pyrimidinyl)oxy)-alpha-(methoxymethylene)benzeneacetate,CAS No: 131860-33-8, Molecular structure:81c634fa2f8cda307e34a7d85246d98c.png, Molecular formula:C22H17N3O5, Molecular weight: 403.388, Appearance:White crystalline powder.

2.  Application

Main application: Methoxy acrylate bactericidal pesticide.

3.  Synthetic Process

The intermediate E2 is synthesized from 2-Hydroxybenzonitrile and 4.6-dichloropyrimidine. The chemical reaction formula as follows:


Phenylpropanediol is synthesized from 2-hydroxyphenylacetic acid (lactone), trimethyl orthoformate and acetic anhydride as raw materials, the chemical reaction formula as follows:


The E4 intermediate is synthesized with phenylpropanediol, sodium methoxide and methanol as raw materials. The chemical reaction formula as follows:


Synthesis of ET and azoxystrobin from E4 and E2 intermediates.


4.  Complete Process Design Package

The proposed capacity is 1000-5000t/a, and according to the market demand, we can provide complete process design package for azoxystrobin and key intermediates.